Patience pays off

Six races in total, four of them for the Raceboard Masters and two for Formula Windsurfing concluded the third day of the Portimao Windsurfing Worlds.

It was the first day, when racing was possible with the Race Committee using the conditions to the full.

Racing was planned from 13:00 and the wind almost came on time. With just a short delay both classes were called out for racing. Raceboard starting first followed shortly by Formula Windsurfing. Sunny and breezy the first two races were concluded in over ten knots. Trouble came in the third. Raceboard had no problems, but for the FWC conditions deteriorated below an acceptable level and the race had to be abandoned. A break followed, but although everyone hoped for more racing only the Masters managed to go out for one more.

The fight for the World Championship is going to be fierce, but after today two clear leaders have emerged with Joao Rodrigues and Steve Allen winning all their races.

So there we have it - 4 races and a validated championship for Raceboard Masters and 2 races and one more to validate the championship for Formula.

First possible start tomorrow is at 13:00 and all races are streamed live through the event website. Stay tuned and fingers crossed.